Nothing but mammals…

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You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals… But I do still like to moisturise…

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Lies told by Steel Panther Part 1…

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I’ve been listening to Steel Panther a lot, and trying out some of the advice given in their songs.  Turns out it’s all lies!!  Here is what happened to me: Telling a stripper that she’s ugly – from the song “Critter” This one was pretty easy to do, I went straight down to Hooters.  Turns […]

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The Phantom Tea-bagger

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Minions, be warned… If you cross me, you can expect a night time visit. I shall sneak into your house (hopefully through the catflap), enter your bedroom, and whilst you sleep, I’ll teabag you. I know what you’re thinking. How am I going to fit my giant kitty balls into your mouth without chocking you […]

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