Mr Pickles Famous Historical Moments

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Mr Pickles takes you through brief moments of his history
and some of his influence on the modern world…

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When Mr Pickles gets bored…

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Mr Pickles is known by many names

This is but one of them

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Twitter Update Page

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For a couple of my minions who aren’t on twitter, there is a new page where you can enjoy and cower at my mastery of social media… Its on the menu bar, and also here: Also, I have eaten the twitter bird…

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Asserting My Olympic Prowess…

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The Olympics is the perfect combination of media exposure and sensationalism for me to start striking fear in the hearts of the mass population. I was originally planning to hanglide naked into the middle of the stadium just at the end of the 100m final, and assert my dominance over the puny human race, however […]

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Bounty Notice – Dave Benson Phillips…

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Minions, I require Dave Benson Phillips to hang next to the molested corpse of Pat Sharpe in my Crystal Maze Basement Dungeon.  I need him alive because I want to finally get to play “Get your own back” and get even with John Major for sticking it to Edwina Currie before I got the chance… […]

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Got Milk?

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It may be unknown to you mere minions, but I have been involved in changing this world in ways you can only imagine.  The truth is, I was responsible for Thatchers “Milk Snatching” in the 70’s there are hundreds of gallons of milk in storage tanks across the UK.  I use them for my own private […]

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I need to make a life-size model of David Cameron so I can take photo’s of it in compromising positions 😉 It will greatly aid my quest for world domination. I’m having a problem finding enough wet plasticine to make his face look realistic though… I’ve been to every craft shop in South Wales and […]

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I am an iams cat…

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I made some armour out of iams catfood… 1. Get a bathtub full of iams… (if you’re cheap, you can use a tesco brand) 2. Cover yourself in PVA glue… 3. Roll around in the bath like an angry buffalo… So, now I have my iams suit of armour on.  I’m heading to the roof […]

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